November 7, 2009

O.T.R. Over the Rhine Series Premiere

O.T.R. Over the Rhine a crime drama series Premiere

Everybody this took me a few days to get my toughts together on this one here.
On Thursday, Nov.5th at 7:30pm I went to the premiere of O.T.R. Over the Rhine

crime drama shown at The Springdale Showcase Cinemas in Cincinnati, OH.The tickets

were $7 dollors and a percentqge of the proceeds were going to the local Free Store

Food Bank.

The story of O.T.R> Over The Rhine is a gritty crime drama set in one of

Cincinnati’s most notorious and dangerous inner city neighborhoods.
Stannus “Jinx” Jinkens is a successful nightclub owner, and one the Mid-West’s most

powerful crimelords. His sister, Detective Denise Jinkens works in the Cincinnati

Police homicide unit.
Temperatures come to a boil on the streets of Cincinnati as this brother and sister

stand on completely opposite sides of the law and prepare for an inevitable all out

war in Over The Rhine.

Now for me here's were it gets good myself and my dynamic producer friend Byiton

did all of the music. And to here you work over a movie cinema system is mind

blowin. I had a cameo in the opening scene of the movie with me running that people

said was all out classic.

After the screening everyone took pictures, got numbers and networked. There was

and after party a t Rhinos Live nite club right afterwards. All in all a great

night and more to come, I have links to the director, The Series website and a clip

of the movie with Byitons music as the back drop of the scene.

OTR Clip

RozMary Basement Movies/Variety Shows The Directors Page.

The Series Website

October 11, 2009

Here's my first video of me on propellerhead's record and how to make sub groups. I will be posting more how to's on this top notch software.

June 28, 2009

Long Live The King

Everyone everywhere is writing about the life and times of Michael Jackson.
I can tell you no more that you will here over and over again.

But that much like the movie highlander there can be only one king of pop, no Chris brown, neyo or usher it just wont happen.

They will never create the first world premiere multi million dollar 10 minute video shown in theater world wide. They will never make the super bowl more super twice in their life time.

The first time with the Pepsi cola commericals every rapper in the world owes michael for that endorsement money.

The second time he made everybody hold hands and sing together for the super bowl half time show. If you can remember he is the reason the half time show got that big in the first place.

To be an all around super entertainer Chris brown no, usher no, Jamie foxx no not even MC Hammer and yes hammer went at mike for worlds best dancer sorry hammer cant touch mike.

For all of you wonder music and leguic you left us we miss you thank you so much and my the finally king rest in peace.

March 9, 2009

Reason Mixing Tips

I have alot videos that I will be posting with great information on how to do pro level mixes in my favorite program Reason 4.0. I will be posting more videos on mixing, mastering and beat making with this program along so enjoy untill next time.

Producer MDot shows how to create an default template on reason 4, by using advance routing to improve your mix.

Creating a Default Template on Reason 4 part II

Producer Bigg Vic on Mixing Your Track in Reason 4.0

Bigg Vic makes a track using his Reason 4.0 Arsenal to crank out pure heat.

This video that I'm posting is showing DJ Khalil making a crazy beat entirely in reason that might be on Dr. Dre's DETOX!!!